Whitelist for Genesis Monkey NFT's now open. Limited spots! 🥳

Invest in Scholarship programs and get up to 500% APR

“Rules are meant to be broken”




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Sigma DAO x Pegaxy Genesis DAO Shares are now available! 

We use the funds to buy NFTs in the Pegaxy play-to-earn ecosystem and our team of gamers ensure investors receive the optimal amount of earnings.

Purchase these yield generating assets.

NFT Offering Begins

We raise funds by selling NFTs and these funds go into the DAO treasury for the respective edition. Each season lasts for 4 months.

Funds are deployed

The collective funds raised are used to purchase Pegaxy NFTs for our scholars to start earning. These will be deployed as soon as possible.

We start earning

Once sufficient funds are received and the NFTs are purchased our scholars start playing.

The average $VIS earned per NFT per day is 269.

Season Ends

Once the season ends we will payback our investors and sell all NFTs purchased. This ensures that NFT holders are paid back.


Trying things out.

0.5 BNB


Great for the average investor.



Perfect for whales.



We take care of the entire process of scholar training, managing and operations. Just sit back and collect your crypto.


Experience is contagious. Our pool of scholars are selected from over thousands of players and we only take the best.


At the end of the season we sell all our assets and return this money to our holders ensuring everyone gets a steady return.

What is Sigma DAO?

Sigma DAO is a decentralised autonomous organisation that brings together gamers, cryptocurrency and metaverse art collectors. We strive to build and grow a community of play-to-earn gamers while exploring the nascent world of metaverse gaming.

How do I start?

You simply need to purchase the respective NFT’s through our partnered marketplaces. At the moment these can be found through OpenSea. We will be adding more marketplaces as higher demand comes in.

How do I get paid out?

All NFT owners will get payments sent to their wallets biweekly. Depending on the NFT purchased, there may be different options available to users.

How much will I earn?

All funds raised will be deployed entirely into purchasing Pegaxy NFTs and hiring scholars. We distribute the remaining shares (25-35%) to our scholars, managers and the DAO.

Can I buy more than 1 NFT?

Absolutely! We distribute earnings based on the amount of NFTs you hold and each of these will give a respective share of the earnings back to you.