Whitelist for Genesis Monkey NFT's now open. Limited spots! 🥳

Sigma DAO x Monkeys

8,888 algorithmically generated multi-chain Monkeys.

What is the project's about?

The Sigma Monkey’s are algorithmically generated Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s) of token standard ERC721 and which will be launched first on Ethereum followed by other blockchains. These items will grant users access to Sigma DAO’s most exclusive events, giveaways and co-investment opportunities.

Why mint?

Not only is owning a Sigma Monkey exclusive, but it will also be something that is rare, scarce and naturally deflationary. The price of the Monkey’s will be tied to the value that will be driven by marketing across local communities in Asia. We are based in Hong Kong with an expansion towards Singapore, Philippines and South East Asia.

What will drive up the collection value?

Our collection isn’t just about the art but the intrinsic value captured by owning one of these Monkeys. Users will have access to live events, co-working spaces and a stake in our DAO. These all combine to give users numerous benefits and perks that are not only exciting but extremely attractive to investors.

What kind of utilities are there?

Our studio is not just about graphic design; it’s more than that. We offer communication services, process and results and sometimes more.

Minting Begins



Genesis Mints


Price Per Mint

0.088 ETH



Phase 1 - Genesis Monkeys

  • Q1 2022

These monkeys will be born and possess special powers that grant access to community events and scholarships within Sigma DAO.

Each Genesis Monkey will grant users access in the form of giveaways, live events, co-investments and more.

We will be running marketing campaigns, whitelisting events and more throughout South East Asia to find the true Diamond Hand Sigma's.

Q1 2022
Q2 2022

Phase 2 - Promotion

  • Q2 2022

Sigma Monkeys will be marketed across Asia specifically in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and more. 

-Airdrops to community members
-Solana Genesis Monkey Airdrops to community members
-Ethereum Minting / opensea listing 
-Whitelist campaign begins
-Whitelist minting

-KOL promotions
-Influencer promotions

Phase 3 - Sigma Monkeys (Membership)

  • Q3 2022

Your Monkey doubles as your trading membership in the Sigma DAO  community. No longer do you need a bloomberg terminal or Nansen to get an "edge". Owners will receive access to exclusive channels, events, airdrops and more up until the launch of the $SIGMA token.


Council members and senators positions can be freely traded around through ownership of these NFTs.

In the first wave there will be
-8 Monkey Creators
-18 Monkey Gods
-20 Monkey Kings
-25 Monkey Senators
-38 Monkeys Generals
-222 High Monkeys
-888 Warrior Monkeys
-1000 Genesis Monkeys

Q3 2022
Q4 2022

Phase 4 - Community

  • Q4 2022

Community events and ownership in varying NFTs will be issued.

-Sigma Monkeys will host subsequent whitelist and airdrop events with Sigma DAO in the runup to the:

6,666 Solana Monkey Drop.

Utility and further campaigns will be run with billboards, instagram and influencer campaigns.

Ownership of Monkeys will ultimately provide rewards in the form of:
-$SIGMA token dividends
-$DAO ownership
-$NFT/Token allocation
-$Access to live and metaverse events
-$Access to a community of play-to-earn gamers including -Scholarship and management opportunities


Sigma Monkeys




Chief Technology Officer

Cyber Frog

Metaverse Architect

Lin Lin

Chief Marketing Officer

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